Learned with real succesors.

Celebrating 55th Anniversary of New York city and Tokyo as sister cities, a jazz big band performed in New York a couple of nights. I expected more than a half of the band to be Japanese musicians from Tokyo, but it turned out the band had a lot more New York local support musicians than ones from Japan. I had to lead the rehearsals of this East Meets West, Tokyo Jazz Orchestra in front of Ms. Linda Hudson, a jazz pianist and jazz critic, who has her own big band. The first show was at such a beautiful concert hall of Flushing Town Hall on September 18th, 2015. And second one was at The Interchurch Center in West Harlem on September 19th.

Among those support members, there were such wonderful musicians who lead their generation, such as Lessie Vonner on trumpet, Corey Wallace on trombone. To me, the most stunning musician of the band was a tenor saxophonist, Camille Thurman. From now on, I will change my schedule to see her shows as possible. It's not because I want to copy her way to play (it's simply impossible anyways). Her sound comes through my skin and rock my heart so easily. That's so joyful. The picture is at the Interchurch Center with her and a young clarinet player, Zoe, who studies with Ms. Hudson. My job was a pain in ass but it was nice hanging out with such beautiful people.