A Film Scoring Gig The Night Before Thanksgiving

My friend, Lily van Leeuwen, has sent me an image file. I think it was about 2 years ago. I had a very strange gig. Lily was producing a film based on a script by her friend, Mia Taper. She told me to record a sax solo for a short film. And firstly, she said 'any old tune is fine', I said 'I don't get it. At least, I should read the script'. After all, I offered my original tune for the film so that they didn't need to deal with the copyright registration. Fortunately, Lily personally liked one of my original tune, "Green Eyes" and she thought it was good for the scene. Now, my struggle started after the discussion because she told me to change the way to play sax according to the character of the drama and story. I have never allowed anybody to tell me how to play my original tunes before or after that.

The story is about an African American saxophonist and his family. My recording was going to be used for the scene the man tries to seduce a stranger in front of him at a jazz club. Well, that's what I always try and never make. I mean I am not very good at it.

Anyways, I didn't think I did well. And I didn't hear about the film from her for a long time after the gig. A year later, I got Facebook text from Lily. She was at the 2014 NYU film festival. The film got an award that is The Best Original Score. YES, the film had no music but my sax solo.

And about a year after that, I was checking out my past works and she sent me the official letter. I remember that we didn't have very long time at studio because it was the day before thanksgiving. But she never gave up to tell me what she wanted until the last second. That's what I like about artists. I can see her dream through her eyes every time I see her.