Have you met Ms. Clarke?

About 10 years ago, I often went to a jazz cafe in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, and joined jam sessions there. The bassist of the house band was strong. I met the bassist. Her name is Kim Clarke. They said she ever performed with Joe Henderson. That did make sense.
I was playing straight ahead jazz back them with my bassist, Scott Shaeffer. After a while, I lost the band by a couple of sad incidents and I stopped playing music.

And then, I started a recording project with a Brazilian jazz bassist, Nilson Matta, who also worked with Joe Henderson on a Grammy Award winning album. Since then, I have been working on fusing my idea of composition and Brazilian rhythmic formulas.
June 10th, I will play at Inkwell (408 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn) as one of PLG Arts organization jazz events. Firstly, I thank the organizer, Rina Kleege, for supporting jazz for a decade in our neighborhood. This time, the band is straight ahead, and I made a phone call to Ms. Clarke, and she will join the show as a bassist. I hope I would sound as strong as she is.