Online Jazz Sax Lesson & Video

Wataru Uchida has been giving highly customized saxophone lessons since 2012. Online lessons are available all over the world! Customized lesson materials are shared before each lesson. Lesson appointment is flexible. It's confirmed 2 days before you want to take a lesson.

1. Beginner (breathing, embouchure, subtone, tonguing, fingering, reading, basic theory, basic ear training, preparation for jazz improvisation). 45 - 60 minutes, US$35 - 45 after currency exchange fee / lesson.

2. Intermediate (application of scale & arpeggio to ad-lib solo, chromatic approach & passing notes of Bebop improvisation, rhythmic development for Hard bop &bossa nova, articulation, ghost note tonguing, half fingering, overtones, application of upper extensions). 50 - 65 minutes, US$45 - 60 after currency exchange fee / lesson.

3. Style analysis of modern jazz saxophonists (analysis of solo structure and customized etudes to develop solos). 60 - 70 minutes, US$55 - 75 after currency exchange fee / lesson.

Also, private lessons in New York area are available. 

If you have a question about lesson ( payment, options of online video chat, and content ), please fill up the followings and e-mail!

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