MC was great?! And my tie looked good.

It was great playing at Club Bonafide. Staffs are very professional and the decor is nice.
The room unites the musicians and audiences well.

Here is a cell phone video by my supporter No.001.

I wrote this tune for my friend's son, named REN which means lotus. Buddha meditated on lotus. And that's why my friend named his son in that way. The rhythm of the tune is from Maracatu, ritual of North Eastern Brazil. A bassist is usually playing behind me so that I don't have any idea who he looks, and it is a pleasant surprise that Oleg Osenkov looks very cool when he plays base. Abelita Mateus sounds great and looks great as always. Vanderlei Pereira is also fantastic on drums. And my red necktie looks good!!  I got a lot of compliment about my MC ( speech between tunes). I think it was a pretty good entertainment. I thank all of the people who came to share the fun time with us.