70 years old microphone

Yesterday, I got the final mix of my recording project at Eastside Sound studio in Lower East Side in NYC. Here is a picture of the microphone I used at the recording. It is called RCA-KU3A. The engineer, Marc Urselli, said it is made in 1940s to 50s. It is pretty big like a soda can and top part is deformed. 


The day of recording, I asked to set two microphones on my sax but Marc was smiling and setting just this huge guy. He said 'let's do microphone check and tell me if you need another one'. I was expecting something like an old Neumann microphone but it's far beyond that. My friend DooSoo Kim will edit video of this recoding and I will put it on this site. You will see me playing with my eyes closed. And the saxophone bell sometimes went off of the microphone but it didn't matter.    

Now, I have to decide about mastering engineer. When we had the second rehearsal for the project, it was snowing hard. It feels like early summer now. I have to push everything forward.