Sax Lesson : Transition from Swing Jazz To Bebop

Summary Of Video
This video is the final preparation to learn Bebop, and it explains difference between phrasing of swing jazz style and Bebop. The examples are Lester Young’s solo on ‘Back Home Again In Indiana’ and Charlie Parker’s solo ‘Donna Lee’.
Donna Lee is composed upon chord progression of Back Home Again In Indiana.
Indiana by Lester Young is one of the Aladdin sessions, recorded in 1942. Donna Lee by Charlie Parker here is the one recorded in 1947.
Video explains both similarity and difference of those two solo phrasings and summarize core factors of Bebop phrasings.

Comparing 2 kings of Swing Jazz and Bebop, here comes summary of development of Bebop based on the layer of Swing jazz style.
1 Alternative ideas of Dominant 7th chord with upper extensions such as #9, #11, b13.
2 More appearance of chromatic passing notes and chromatic approach notes.
3 More rhythmic complexity by triplets and 16th notes.